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​     JinJing stepped cautiously into David's landscape. After planting all his feet firmly on this painted ground however, the old caterpillar opened his eyes, and was amazed and delighted by the boy's heartfelt impression of the meadow. From this perspective, it was an altogether different world. It was the same meadow, there was no denying that. Nothing he could see had changed … but every inch of it sent chills up and down his back. “How exciting!” He said to himself. “Why … I can almost SEE the Dragon!”
     The hills and undulating meadow grounds were like one taut and twining serpent, a behemoth whose hide was grassy fields and flower beds. Sheets of soil and stone were dragon scales. Sparkling waters became reflecting pools of reptile eyes. The sky was now aglow, lit with eventide spreading wide like an all encompassing span of lucent wings. This meadow was a robust, breath-taking, eye-opening animal, brought to life in hues of russet, blue and green, and gold that sparkled like the sun. The three of them gazed at Her in awe. Stretched out before them in all her full blown glory was Nature's pup, the Earth Dragon, Ouroboros.
     “As I live and breathe!” exclaimed JinJing. “Do you see Her, Painter? Tell me you see Her too, so I know it's not just another bubble whipped up by that muse of yours.”
     “I see Her, Jin ol' buddy, and She's not my doing. Must be Mother Earth's dropping, the one you kept harping on … She was here all along. Though I couldn't see Her, somehow She crept into my painting. I'm beginning to believe those yarns you spun.”
     No one was more pleased with what this amazing meadow revealed than May-Lin. “Such a talented artist, David. Your vivid portraits of 'unseen' butterflies … and Wyrms have drawn life of their own. Such faithful illustrations have brought Jingy's Dragon tales to life as well.” 
     “I can hardly believe my eyes!” David confessed.
     “Painter, I can't wait to explore more of my—I mean your … Oh Piffle! I mean OUR meadow,” said JinJing. “Let's make sure this Beast is not merely a chimera that will fade like a dream on closer inspection. Lead the way, it's your picture.”
     David placed the caterpillar on his shoulder. “We'll go together—It's your tale.” 
     May-Lin tagged along on this venture too. After all—It was her idea.