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​     The goshawk swooped down without warning, eyes ablaze and talons glistening. “You'll 'protect' who?” it cawed. “Is that bite sized bird I was after nesting somewhere in that fog of yours?”
     Dewey was not about to let himself be bullied anymore. He was a thunderhead now, and feeling bolder. Furthermore, he promised to protect the little blackbird. He began to rumble.
     This only irritated the goshawk, who screeched impatiently “You're in there, tidbit, I know it. I'm coming in—for dinner!”
     “No! You're NOT!” Without warning, a bolt of lightning slashed through the rumbling cloud. Its thunderous clap so shocking, the goshawk streaked away squawking in panic. Even more stunned by the outburst, was Dewey. “Good heavens! … Did I do that?”
     “Indeed! Good show!” said the blackbird, poking her head out from the cloud cover. “Not just a husky thunderhead anymore … You've become a full blown thunderstorm.” Before continuing on her way, the blackbird thanked the massive cloud, and fed his swelling ego with one more compliment. “You're a lifesaver!”
     Only this morning Dewey felt like a 'floor mat', and now he was a 'lifesaver', a billowing citadel lofting high over town and country. He was flooded with a new emotion—power—and began to 'sob' uncontrollably. A spate of thunder and lightning preceded Dewey's tearful cloudburst. And while this deluge may have been welcome in the countryside, the rain put a damper on the King's Anniversary Celebration in town. But Dewey was moving up in the world, and the King's problems were no longer his concern.