The Angels of MYTHLEWILD

Afriel - Traditional angelic lore informs us that this being of light safe-guards young life. Also considered to be protective of that which is youthful and tenderly growing within each of us, no matter how old we actually are. Afriel is believed to grant youth, vigor and vitality and is prayed to for these gifts and attributes. ROLAND

Apollyon – The Destroyer. The Angel of the Bottomless Pit. Satan. NEGARE

Aquariel - This perfect being opens the doors of perception to mortals who pray to him. Aquariel inspires humankind with transcendent and cosmic understanding so that we may spiritually evolve. AMBROSE

Ariel - His name means "Lion of God". Ranked as one of the seven princes who rule the waters. Also, known as Earth's Great Lord and angel of beasts.  He is the angel who presides over the planet Venus. ABRAXAS

Asmodel - The angel of Taurus, representing the model as to 'model after someone or something'. HONOS

Atuesuel - One of eight angels of omnipotence. He is invoked to "smoke out the monsters of hell." PERILGULLUM

Barakiel - This benevolent one grants success, good fortune and excellent luck to mortals who pray to him. He also inspires joviality and a sense of humor. When we pray to this angel on a regular basis, we find that we become filled with happiness, our hearts expand, and we make a space for this angel of good fortune to enter. JOJO

Barpharanges - An angel in charge of the spring of waters of life. He is the angel of the baptismal. JING JING

Boel (God Is In Him) - One of the seven exalted throne angels, resident in the first heaven. Boel holds the four keys to the four corners of the earth. He governs the planet Saturn as well. EONS

Spugliguel = SPRING
Torquaret = AUTUMN
Attarib = WINTER

Camael - An angel who presides over beauty, joy, happiness and contentment, Camael grants these gifts to those who pray to him. Any activity on our part that emulates this angel, such as bringing gladness to others, draws Camaelic energies into our lives and enfolds us in wings of happiness. Essene prayer: "Camael, Angel of Joy, descend upon the earth and give beauty to all things." TIERRA

Cassiel - Ruler of Saturday. The angel of solitudes and tears who "shews forth the unity of the eternal kingdom". Cassiel is one of the rulers of the planet Saturn and is also the ruling prince of the seventh heaven. Cassiel is one of the Sarim (princes) of the order of powers. Sometimes, he appears as the angel of temperance. ISOLATO

Cheriour - A "terrible angel" charged with punishment of crime and the pursuit of criminals. BEEZLE

Derdekea - A heavenly, powerful female angel who descends to earth for the salvation of man. She is referred to as the Supreme Mother. Derdekea is also known as Drop. CELESTE

Dina - When the world was first created, Dina taught humans seventy different languages. This guiding and teaching angel inspires the human race to pursue wisdom, knowledge and a love of learning.  CLARISS
Vretil - The archangelic keeper of the treasury of Sacred Books. He is said to be wiser than the other archangels. He is also called "the scribe of the knowledge of the Most High"  CLARISS

Eloa - A female angel said to have been born from a tear that Jesus shed. MILLY

Gabriel – “ God’s Messenger “ This archangel is a primary messenger of God, bringing divine announcements and revelations to humankind. Acting as an intermediary between heaven and earth, he helps us to interpret our dreams and our visions. Gabriel grants wishes and hopes to mortals, as well as joy, mercy, understanding of mysteries, truth, justice, miracles and love. Essene prayer: "Gabriel, Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body". He also presides over the Moon, those born under the sun sign of Aquarius, in the month of January, and those born on a Monday.  NIKKI

Gazardiel - An angel who holds dominion over the rising sun, we pray to this illuminated one for the promise of new beginnings, innocence, renewal, awakening and enlightenment. Face the rising sun in the morning and pray to this angel for these spirit gifts and attributes.  YMIR

Gethel - An angel set over hidden things. DESEETE

Iahhel - This shining one inspires meditation and illumination. Iahhel watches over philosophers and those who seek a retreat from worldly pursuits. For those who have difficulty meditating, pray to Iahhel for help just before you begin your meditative practice.  CIN

In Hii - One of the angels of the North Star. ( also Sam Hii ) GLORIA

Io - The Angel of Dreams of Flight. FOLLY

IRIN (Watchers or Holy Watchers) - Twin angels residing in the sixth heaven. The irin constitute the supreme judgment council of the heavenly court. They are among the eight exalted hierarchs that enjoy a rank superior to that of Metatron, who is considered of the greatest angels serving God, according to Daniel 4:17 the irin are watchers. It is said that "each of the irin is equal to the rest of the angels and princes together." OMNUS & SHANA
Tarot - The angel of time. Stands between Earth and Heaven, clothed in white robe with wings of flame and a golden halo around his head. One foot on land the other, in the sea, behind him the sun rises and on his brow is the sign of eternity and life: the circle. OMNUS
Shekinah - A female angel of liberation and freedom. Always close to humankind, Shekinah inspires mortals to be just and fair. Some believe that she is the female part of creation, the feminine aspect of the Creator. She is especially healing of body, mind and spirit. SHANA 

Ishmael - The Angel of Dreams of the Dying. MORS

Israfel - This angel of music inspires people to sing, play musical instruments and compose music. Pray to him to increase talent in this area. He also encourages renewal, resurrection and regeneration. QUOTES

Jeliel - A seraph whose name is inscribed on the tree of life. He is the heavenly prince ruler of Turkey. He controls the destiny of kings and other high dignitaries and gives the palm of victory for those who are unjustly attacked or invaded. In addition he inspires passion between the sexes and insures marital fidelity. CONSTANTIO

Jeu - Jeu is the great angel, overseer of light and arranger of the cosmos. He is one of the 3 great powers on high. Occupying the right place on God's side with Propator on God's left. EGG ( CAUSE & EFFECT )

Jophiel - This angel, one of the seven (7) Archangels, is the angel of judgement, the angel of paradise. His name means "Beauty of God" and he is also the Patron Angel of Artists. DAVID

Lucifer – The name "Lucifer" means "Light Giver" or "Light Bearer". Light giver referring to the morning or evening star, Venus. Actually the name meant to mean the "Brightest Star". That later was translated to "Eosphorus" (Greek word for Morning Star) and finally to Lucifer. In mythology he is the son of Aurora (the Roman personification of dawn) and the father Ceyx (Greek). Contrary to popular belief, Satan and Lucifer are two separate fallen angels. His banishment was because of his complete egotism and pure malice -- his sin, pride. This then indicates that Lucifer, not Satan was indeed the first angel to have sinned. Lucifer is actually a lament when the "Son of the Dawn", the brightest Light from Heaven descend from his former position of Seraphim of Purity to rule also over the Underworld (Sheol) and Hell and oversee the punishment of the iniquitous.  PHAEDRA

Maktiel - An angel with dominion over trees. ILLTIMBER

Manu - Angel of fate. KOSMOS

Eth (Time) - An angelic power, a ministering angel, charged with seeing to it that "all events occur at their appointed time." KOSMOS

Mastho - Is a genius of delusive appearances. FLUX

Melchizedek – Archangel Melchizedek is an extension and an expression of the God Source of All.  Melchizedek is  in charge of the re-creative phase on earth and the re-genesis of the human species as directed through Metatron.
Melchizedek provides Divine Wisdom, Courage and Determination in order to facilitate the manifestation of the Divine Plan through your daily activities. LAZARUS
Mercury - The angel of progress. WINDY

Metatron –“ Next to God” He is charged with the sustenance of mankind. He has been known as the link between the human and the divine. The angel who wrestled with Jacob. (Genesis 32), As the e watchman (Isaiah 20) Also see Exodus 23:20 for this refers to Metratron as well. Metatron, according to the cabala is the angel said to have lead the children of Israel through the wilderness. His female equivalent is Shekinah. His twin brother is Sandalphon. 
After arriving in heaven he was transformed into a spirit of fire and equipped with 36 pairs of wings as well as innumerable eyes. He resides in the 7th heaven and when evoked appears as a pillar of fire said to be more dazzling than the sun. He has many other names that he is called by. He has also been credited with the authorship of Psalms 37:25. He is the supreme angel of death to whom God gives daily orders as to the souls to be taken. He then delegates these orders to his subordinates, Gabriel and Sammael. Metatron is considered by some to be mightier than Michael or Gabriel. Metatron is the teacher of prematurely dead children in Paradise. ODUN

Michael – “ Protector “ The angel who oversees those who were born on Sunday and the Sun, itself. An angel who grants miracles, fosters mercy, repentance, truth, sanctification, blessing, immortality, patience and love to human-kind. This archangel is protective of those who are just and good. He strengthens our spirits in difficult times. Pray to Michael for these gifts and virtues. Essene prayer: "Michael, Angel of Earth, enter my generative organs and regenerate my whole body". He is also the angel of Armed Forces. CHRISTEN

Midael - A chief and Captain in the celestial army. An angel of the order of warriors. UTHOR

Morael - An Angel of awe or fear. He has the power of making everything invisible. FEARSOME

Naadame - Prince over all the angels and Caesars. AUGUSTUS ("GUS")

Narsinha - A man-lion avatar. He is lord of heroism. ZIGFRIED

Nemamiah - This sacred being is a guardian angel of all those who fight for just causes. He is especially protective towards people who defend the rights of those who cannot defend themselves, such as animals and children. When an injustice is done towards anyone, including ourselves, we can pray to Nemamiah to right the wrong. AFFIRMARE

Omael - An angel who multiplies species, perpetuates races and influences chemists. There is some question as to whether Omael is a fallen or upright angel. Data available suggests he seems to operate in both domains. TINO

Omniel - This being of light grants to mortals the ability to experience a feeling of oneness with all life. We pray to Omniel to lift the veil of illusion that keeps us separate from other living beings. When this veil lifts we find that the concept of doing to others as we would do to ourselves becomes real, for we truly are all one. LARA

Omophorus - A world supporting angel. He carries the earth on his shoulders, like atlas. PANDAS

Oresto - The Angel of Dreams of Love. VALENTINA

Oumriel - Angel of service MAX WRIGHT 

Parasiel - Parasiel is lord and master of treasures. SUPERBIA

Pesagniyah - A supervisory angel of the south in charge of the keys to ethereal places. When prayers of persons in deep sorrow ascend, Pesagniyah kisses such prayers and accompanies them to a higher region. DESDERADO

Prukiel - A spellbinding angel. VEXPURRA

Psychopompoi - Soul-escorting angels who accompany souls after bodily death toward their heavenly abode. Michael, Elijah & Sandalphon are also regarded as guides of the Psychopompoi. XANADU ("DEWY")

Radueriel - The heavenly register and recording angel. He is also included among the 8 great judgement princes of the throne, whose rank is superior to Metatron's. He is the angel of poetry and master of muses. Of Raduriel it is said "out of every word that goeth forth from his mouth, a song uttering angel is born". Since the creator alone has the power and the privilage to do likewise, this makes Radueriel unique among his fellow hierarchs. CRETOPILLAR

Rampel - An angel who holds dominion over mountains. We pray to Rampel for inner strength, stability and endurance. When we climb a mountain, or simply gaze at a mountain, this angel is near. ENDUROS

Raphael – “ Healer “ This archangel is extremely healing to all living beings. Raphael grants joy, healing, love, miracles and grace. He inspires humankind to pray and is also protective of travelers, guarding and guiding those who take outward or inward journeys. Raphael also grants courage and encourages scientific breakthroughs and knowledge in general. Essene prayer: "Raphael, Angel of Sun, enter my solar center and give the fire of life to my whole body ". Also, Raphael presides over those born on Wednesday and they can pray to him for protection and light. In addition, Raphael presides over the planet, Mercury, which entails all humans communications. PETER

Raziel - The archangel of supreme sacred mysteries. Angel of secret regions and Chief of Supreme Mysteries. His name means "Secret of God" and he is also the Patron Angel of Law Makers and Lawyers. OHMEN

Samandiriel - This angel holds dominion over imagination and helps us realize that a vivid imagination is a very healing tool to have, because we can visualize and create alternative realities with which to transform our own lives as well as the world around us. CRETAFLY

Sam Hii (Shom Hii) - One of the ruling angels of the North Star. Then name means "Creation of life".  GLORIA

Sedim - They are guardian spirits, invoked in the exorcism of evil spirits. WONG MIN

Temperance - An angel with the sign of the sun on his forehead, on his breast the square & triangle of septenary. Pouring from one chalice into two essences which compose the elixir of life. Time - An angel named so in the Tarot Number 14. He is winged, the sign of the sun on his forehead and the triangle of septenary on his chest. He pours the essence of life form one chalice to another. He is also called Temperance. In Ecclesiastes 9 and 12 he is refereed to the ministering angel who presides over each act mans performs. SANGRAAL

Uriel – “ Fire of God “ A patron angel of literature and music, Uriel bestows upon us the gift of creative fire, as well as the power of prophecy and presides over the planet Mars. We appeal to him for foresight into the future and for help in developing our psychic abilities. Uriel is also an angel of transformation and salvation. This angel presides over the sun sign Libra and those born in the month of September. Those born under this sign can pray to Uriel for special protection and bright blessings…regent of the Sun, presider over Hades, Archangel of Salvation, like Metatron an angel of the Presence, angel of storms, upheavals, earthquakes, art of alchemy, stood with firey sword at gates of Eden, warned Noah of flood, and described by Milton as the “ sharpest sighted angel in Heaven “. PHOEBUS

Valoel - It is traditionally believed that this perfect being holds dominion over peace. We pray to Valoel to enfold us with his wings of serenity and to fill our hearts with tranquility and contentment. PAX

Zadkiel - An angel of solace, charity and gentleness. We pray to-this sacred one for comfort when we are in need of gentle guidance. Zadkiel also kindles a desire for spiritual development in humankind. One of the seven(7) Archangels. Zadkiel along with Zachriel presides over the planet Jupiter. SCARLETT

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