I quote Walt Kelly only to prepare you.  Don’t expect any new perspectives in Theology on this page. After all, this is Tom Tate, not ‘Tom’ Aquinas.  I wouldn’t even walk this path except so many myths---therefore, Mythles---involve a god. While mythical gods and all their assorted incarnations and kinfolk from the land of make believe are covered on my Mythology page, it should be noted that there is also      a Biblical branch on my Mythles’ family tree.  Someone who knows a lot more about the Scriptures than I do pointed out that my stories are parables, just like those used in the Bible. Also, many of my so called ‘mythical’ characters stemmed from the Bible and well as Myth. Here are a few examples:
CHRISTEN the lamb boy (the Christ Child)
PETER the centaur (Peter the Apostle)
NIKI the dove (the Holy Spirit)
OMNUS the creator of the Glass Egg (God)
And DAVID, is a Pilgrim, the’ Everyman’ inspired by John Donne’s allegory, "Pilgrim’s Progress". 
There are several other Biblical figures and themes that I’ve characterized--- the Beast, the Devil, even Heaven and Hell---and let’s not forget the Angels---but we’ll get to those later.
The point I want to make is that because I’ve ‘tagged’ each of my Mytlhles with a unique trait, it’s easy to turn their simple stories into allegories, or to compare them to similar characters and themes be it Biblical or Mythical. Although I’ve done this on purpose, please never forget that Mythles inherited more from Mother Goose, than Gospel. 

Speaking of the Gospel, take a look at the 8 Beatitudes which begin Christ’s Sermon on the Mount according to the Gospel of St. Matthew 
Blessed are THE POOR in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 3) 
Blessed are THE MEEK: for they shall posses the land. (Verse 4) 
Blessed are THEY WHO MOURN: for they shall be comforted. (Verse 5) 
Blessed are they that THIRST AFTER JUSTICE: for they shall have their fill. (Verse 6) 
Blessed are THE MERCIFUL: for they shall obtain mercy. (Verse 7) 
Blessed are the CLEAN OF HEART: for they shall see God. (Verse 8) 
Blessed are THE PEACEMAKERS: they shall be called the children of God. (Verse 9) 
Blessed are THEY THAT SUFFER, theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 10) 

What, pray tell, do these have to do with the MYTHLES?  Nothing.  But these 8 Beatitudes have a lot in common with the 8 Taoist’s Immortals. Check them out and you’ll see all eight share the very same qualities. That’s just one more similarity between the BOOK OF CHANGE and the BIBLE.

Because so many Mythles have Biblical roots, curiosity drove me one day to see just how many of MYTHLE’S 64 character traits were mentioned in scripture. These are pretty universal traits we’re talking about ( love / hate, good / evil , etc.) so it was no big shock to find references to all 64 characteristics.  The appropriate Bible quotation may be found  at the bottom of each character's profile sheet. To get there, first visit "What's a Mythle?"

I shall speak no more of Bible quotes, Biblical backgrounds, or the 8 Beatitudes. for the angels.
Every MYTHLE has a Guardian Angel.  Why?  It just happened…I couldn’t resist.
From the begining, my 64 ‘alter egos’ were intended to be angels of sorts. They were drawn to fit a particular need…little moral guideposts in “elfish” bodies. Little did I know that there really were guardian angels that fit their personality.  It started out with just the obvious matches ( like Lucifer, and Gabriel ), but Lo and Behold---there’s a host of angels besides the familiar ones. Thanks to a website devoted to angels ( ????) each and every MYTHLE has met their matching ‘soul mate’. You may check them out on the Angels of Mythlewild page

“God is not dead, he is merely unemployed”
...Just click the angel !
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