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      Hurling thunderbolts and hailstones down on mortals no longer thrilled Eons the way it used to. After thousands of years whipping up blizzards, deluge and droughts, even a typhoon or two was no more exciting than a sneeze or hiccup. Mythlewild's supreme god of the Sky, Eons used to relish lording over the Sun and Moon and all the Earth's winds and weather. Presently, the puffed-up wad of a god was content to wile away the day, hovering in his cloudy estate . . . playing darts.
     It might seem odd that tossing darts could appease a god used to pitching thunder and lightning, but one thing Eons never tired of, was a cracking good game. Nothing relaxed him more. Darts was his favorite because he could play by himself. His nephews, the winds, no longer played with him. These days it was difficult for Eons to find anyone to join in his games. He cheated. Having sway over the Sun, Eons could have it 'backup' as it coursed through the sky, thus replaying that part of the day—replay it in Eons favor. 
     This tactic rankled the other deities, and they often reminded him of Fate's displeasure with anyone who fiddled with his Time 'Tapestry'. Fate was even older than the Sky and most gods took his counsel to heart—most, but not Eons.
     That doddering cousin of mine should keep his snoot out of my business, Eons snickered. He began to ponder just how far back in time this trick could take him. If nobody here will play with me, maybe I'll go somewhere else. Somewhere out from under that busybody's nose. Today he was determined to find himself a game, relieve his boredom, and teach that old foggy, Fate a thing or two. This is going to be fun, thought Eons. He quickly collected his darts and board, then bounded high into the sky to consult with his cohort, the Sun.  
     After a few moments deliberation, Eons bellowed, “That's the place for me!—“Let's do it!” In a flash of sunlight, Eons was gone.