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     It was an Egg, the biggest Pidge had ever seen, and shimmering like crystal—a Glass Egg! Unable to tear her gaze, she stared at it in wonder, cooing at her reflection in the mirror-like shell.
     The couple were amused by the pigeon's curiosity over their treasure. “You must wonder, how we came by such an Egg, and mother it like one of our own seed?” said the woman. “Well, little lady, since you've been so considerate of us, and shown such genuine affection for our 'baby', let me tell you.
     “We found this jewel in a tussock near our home beyond these hills. It was locked in the coils of a snake, reminiscent of the ancient myths' account of creation. The supreme creatrix, Goddess of All Things, rose out of Chaos in the form of a great white dove to lay the World Egg, a miraculous Crystal Egg. She summoned a great serpent to incubate her Egg by coiling seven times around until it split apart, hatching all things that exist ...”
     “The viper we encountered was more intent on eating this Egg than incubating it,” the man continued, as though he believed Pidge actually comprehended this story. “Upon snatching it from death's jaws, and laying hand upon the Egg, its shell turned instantly into glass, like the Crystal Egg of legend.”
     “And more, it was warm … and glowing.” The woman was speaking to her Egg now, with warm and glowing affection. The aura intensified with each passing day, as if telling us—'the time is nigh!' It would be hatching soon … We did not happen on this stable by chance, rather we sought it out for this extraordinary event.”
     “This croft was once the church we frequented ...” The man took his turn for this chapter of the tale, sharing the memory with his wife and clasping her hand in his. “This is a special place—a Tabernacle where miracles are found. It was here we found each other … and fell in love. Can there be a greater miracle than that? Life perhaps … yet having no children of our own, Fate has brought us back to our special place … entrusted us with this remarkable Egg, to usher into life the miracle it contains.”
     Of course Pidge didn't grasp a word of gobbledygook these two were uttering to each other. However, she was spellbound by the Egg's lucent glimmering … and something else. Was it a faint 'thumping'?