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     “Perhaps you should attend the Creation Day event and judge for yourself?”
     When Teo had no curt response to such an idea, Shana knew he was nibbling the bait. 
     “It's been ages since you've visited the 'Wild . . . Your 'fishermen' have netted a fine catch for you this year . . . why not surprise them by dropping by to reel in your own favorite? It's time you got something you really want . . . It will do you good to venture out. You might even enjoy it!” 
     “You know how cross I get in crowds,” said Teo. “Especially down there . . . Remember my last trip . . . They're still talking about it.”
     “They didn't know who you were, dearest. Just look at the way you're adored now days .”
     Teo appeared to be mulling the idea. Although, it was difficult to say for certain. He was the godhead after all, and could be very inscrutable, even for Shana.
     “I can't go looking like this,” Teo decided. “And I won't be a mortal again, that's too uncomfortable. Besides, people were still frightened of me.”
     “Wear this,” said Shana. “Many of your churchmen wear similar frocks. You'll fit right in.”
     Teo accepted the coarse robe, and tried it on . . . He might have even smiled.
     The sun presented the kingdom with a perfectly splendid morning to kick off the Celebration Day festivities. The wide avenue joining the palace gate to the Temple grounds was flanked with enthusiastic citizenry from all stations of life. Rustics and royals hobnobbed all along the way to await the judging of gifts. Wagon's filled with their donations were lined in front of the Temple. The select few, chosen by the Temple clerics as most deserving, were set out on a festal board, where the High Priest traditionally deemed one to be Teo's Favorite. However, today would be very different. The High Priest had momentous news—Teo himself was here to select his choice personally! Truly, this was going to be a most auspicious Creation Day. Teo's name was on the lips of all who lined the avenue. Rarely had come a day when so many, spoke so willingly of their god.
     “Is that him? Is that really what the Father of gods looks like?”
     “The High Priest says he is.”
     “Gol'—He don't look no different than a common churchman.”
     “Only wears that frock and cowl so's we aren't struck blind by his real skin.”
     “Hush-Up you louts! An' listen to what he's sayin'.”