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     After a few deep breaths Gloria was feeling stronger and stood up to thank Mars for being such a gallant knight. He beamed at being complimented so. “Hey! You've got a lot of pluck, girl. And now your bloom's returned, I see you're fair as any damsel I've thus ventured after. By chance you'd care to come along and serve me on my quest. I would consider it a boon. By Gad—Say you will!”
     Well, Gloria certainly wasn't used to being swept off her feet by a dashing knight. She hardly knew what to say. So she said nothing. This cavalier, magnetic as he is, was too dashing. That is to say, he seemed always off in pursuit of dragons and misdeeds. Surely it would be a misdeed if I stayed with him. “You honor me, sir. But as you have seen, I don't travel well . . .”
     “Gadzooks!” Mars let loose with a hardy laugh as he looked down at Earth. “You're after THAT stationary lump! I saw the way you were eyeballing that clod, even from here."
     Gloria's eyes were indeed fixed on Earth, but before she could voice her thoughts, an arrow zinged right by her nose. Mars snatched the shaft from its flight, then shouted. “Gad! Now there's a challenge for you, girl. Out there.” Mars pointed to a giant centaur silhouetted in the distance. Many a heavenly body has sought to stay home with him—Jupiter. That horse would really put the color back in your cheeks, girl!"
     “So I've been told.” Gloria recalled how Venus had lost her heart to that 'horse'. “Let me have that arrow. I want to return his favor!” Gloria took another deep breath before stalking off to confront the giant.
     Face to face with Jupiter, Gloria had shed some of her wrath. The magnificent centaur rose up before her so handsome and cordial, sporting such a beguiling smile, instead of giving the archer a piece of her mind, she simply returned his arrow. 
     “Thank you, My lady,” said the centaur in his most sincere and gentle manner. “I saw how you were gawking at that hooligan and felt compelled to draw you off with my arrow. A bad apple, that one!”