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     Agustus thought the idea of Lazarus standing up to any monster was absurd—he could barely stand. He was more troubled by his friend's sanity, than this mythical Wyvern. Since his watchman was so determined to stay the night, then he would need 'watching'. Agustus bid a pair of additional sentries come forward. “If this demon of yours is paying us a visit tonight, you're going to need help.”
     “Not on my watch, Cap'!” Lazarus puffed more smoke and ash. Then, to stress the point, he hoisted the burly captain off the ground to tell him eye to eye, “I don't need no nursemaids!”  
     Agustus could hear the crackling embers stoked deep down in the lizard's throat. Could be his dragon ancestors provided this old gator some fire in the heart. “So be it ...” He said, and ordered the post cleared. 
     Lazarus simmered down and set the Captain gently back on his feet. He began mumbling something incoherent when Agustus interrupted. “If that's an apology, I accept.” Agustus then stepped onto the alure and stationed himself along the tower wall. “You don't need a nursemaid on this watch ... How about a friend?”
     The two knights stood side by side atop the battlement as the sun retreated into the horizon. Neither spoke a word. Lazarus peered into the thickening darkness. Agustus studied his comrade's shield, finally cracking the silence. "The Wyvern's gone.” 
     The lizard's gaze tore from the sky and fell on Gus. “What?”
     “The coat of arms on your shield … There used to be a Wyvern on the field. It's gone now. Don't tell me THAT'S the relic we're missing our supper for!”
     “Yessir, Cap' … been missing since the noonday blackout. An' tonight, when it's recouped, it's comin' back in full blown glory ta settle up with me.” Agustus snickered at the thought.