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​     Arched windows shined in the night like glowering cat's eyes, the only witness, as a shadowy figure crept up from the alley and hunched upon the Abbey's balcony. Peering in, the prowler scanned the candle lit chamber. It was the refectory and his gaze fixed on the silver table setting. “Blimey!” he said to himself. “Me chums was right. These frocks live in a bloomin' treasure trove.”
     Once assured the household was sound asleep, the intruder kicked in the glass and unlatched the window. Then with great stealth carefully lowered himself down to the cornice where he leaped to the floor and surveyed the room. A crooked grin slit his face as he opened his booty sack and proceeded to stuff it with the platters, flagons, and silverware still laid neatly on the festal board. Save room for the 'main course', Niles old chap, he thought before heading into the chapel. Like the refectory, the chapel was illuminated by the flickering light of a wall sconce. A set of candles also burned perpetually from the alter. Niles quickly snuffed the flames added these candlesticks to his booty, along with the exquisite gold inlaid cross. Wasting little time to admire his collection, he scanned the alter area before scurrying over to the the sacristy adjoining the abbot's chambers. It must be in here.

     Upon entering he went immediately to an ornate cabinet etched with religious motifs. He threw open the doors and began rummaging through the vestments and linens and other paraphernalia. Then he spotted it—the ambry. With the aid of a candlesick, he hammered open the receptacle’s doors. His eyes lit up. That's it! He snickered, Niles, you devil, you've found it!