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     Oyster was trying her best to figure some way to boost the disheartened fellow's spirits when another tentacled creature shuffled up to them. In the sullied water it was difficult to tell for sure, but it looked like an octopus. “Hello good lookin',” she said, and then embraced Golly with a cordial hug.
     Golly couldn't remember the last time he had been hugged. He began to squirm. This only encouraged the octopus. She wrapped another arm around him and began to squeeze. “Don't believe I've ever seen such a gorgeous hunk of octopus as you … so rugged, and handsome … and hairy.”
     Octagolly stared at Oyster, flabbergasted that anyone would find him 'good looking'. Oyster figured either the water was still too inky to see, or this overbearing cuddler was nearsighted. Either way, she was the closest thing to a match Golly had encountered thus far.
     “I'm not exactly an octopus,” confessed Golly, as another slimy coil took hold, pulling him even closer. “I'm sort of a—”
     “Egads!” screamed the octopus, dropping Golly like an armload of stingrays. She could see him more clearly now. “You're not an octopus at all! You're a … EGADS!” She was gone in streak of black, just like Squid.
     “—a Freak! That's what I am. Everyone is afraid of me ...” If Golly knew how to cry, he probably would have. Instead, he picked up Oyster and repeated, “Think I'll grab a bite to eat ...”
     “Hold on, pal,” said Oyster. “You're not thinking about eating ME? … After all we've been through together ...”
     “Of course I wouldn't eat you. I just want to leave—Wait! What did you call me?”
     Oyster had to stop and think on it.
      “You said 'pal' … We ARE pals aren't we! At least, there's one who's not afraid of me—You!”
     “Actually there are TWO. I'm not afraid of you either.” Circling above them was a huge tiger shark. “Can we be pals? I'd like to ... 'grab a bite to eat'.”