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​     While the remains of dawn's pale light was smothered under a somber blanket of clouds, nothing could diminish the happiness enveloping Roxand. After centuries of reproaching men, callously throwing off suitors and breaking hearts, she finally found someone who desired her, despite the ravages of time and her 'crocodile' skin. The stone cat had never felt more beautiful than in the arms of this grotesque looking man … for the first time she could remember, she cried for joy.
     As her tears flowed, so too the enchantment, by which the sphinx was bound, ran its course. Alas, for Roxand, it was not the remedy she had longed for.

     That ancient prophecy was the farthest thing from Roxand's mind as the Gargoyle began to wipe away her tears. It was a simple gesture of compassion, nothing more. He certainly had no inkling of what was to come.
     It happened so quickly Roxand's scream was left stuck in her throat. All the Gargoyle could utter was, “Sweet Tawny—” before he vanished in a flash of pink light. 
     In his place, twined in the sphinx's arms, was the Billiken, Jojo. He was shaking his head and scratching his chin. The look of bewilderment surpassed only by Roxand's tortured response. 
     With her back arched and hackles bristling, she tried to howl, but failing that began to spit and hiss—and latched onto the Billiken's throat. “You miserable little bite, what have you done with him this time?”