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​     Before any death stroke could be dealt, Scarlett's cry pulled Honos from his task.
     The fox had mustered strength enough to reach the cauldron in hopes of saving Triton. Yet for all her effort, she could only stand limp and idle while gazing in. At such a sight, she could not help but cry out.
     The Troll was left lolling in the dust, while Honos raced to Scarlett's side. He could hardly bear to look in.
     "Nice work . . ." said the vixen. 
     The distraught bull was outraged by such a glib remark. "Insolent fox! I did NOTHING—Nothing but get my lad killed!”
Scarlett just smirked. "It wasn't you I was talking to, my dear Captain—It was your 'thick skinned scallop'. Look!”
       He did. Then Honos cried too. Never were tears of joy more welcome.
     Honos and Scarlett stood gazing into the pot sobbing like proud parents. There was young Triton gazing right back at them from the very bottom of the soup among the carrots and onions. He was floating around like a goldfish in a bowl all safe and smiles. At the sight of his two wide-eyed friends, he bobbed right to the surface, hardly able to contain his glee.
     “Don't look so surprised,” Triton laughed. “After all, Neptune is my grandaddy. Did you think some water would harm any child of his?” Honos and Scarlett both tried to shake their heads, as if they knew it all along. “Even boiling water is but a bath for me.” Triton playfully splashed some on his two comrades and chuckled as they tried to duck away. Soon however, they were all roiling in laughter upon finding the broth now quite tepid, even tasty. 
     Honos cheeks flushed with joy. “By Jupiter!” he exclaimed. “I thought you were a fish fry!”
     “By NEPTUNE!” corrected Triton. “'Twas the Sea Lord who cooled the soup and save my life.”
     “By Honos too!” added Scarlett. “It was he that put the Troll on ice, and saved MY bacon.”
     Suddenly Honos paled. “The TROLL!—I DIDN'T put him away!” He whirled around to see what had become of the beast he left lying in the dirt.