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     For a moment, all was still as they watched Lucas glow with inspiration while he gazed up at Raphael. Then Lucas fell to his knees. Megan joined him. “Of course, Papa, we should all kneel down and give thanks—”
      “No!” exclaimed Lucas. “I mean...yes, but I have work to do. If only I had—”
     Before the words were even out Teo was unfurling sheets of canvas and dispensing colored chalks on the floor in front of Lucas. Without pausing to ask how or why, the glazier raced to give shape to all the images swirling around in his head. Lucas worked at a frantic pace lest he wake from this wonderful dream. 

      With all attention focused on the glazier and his art no one noticed the newcomer. “Weekday services aren't until evening,” said the bishop in a rather firm tone. “That is, if you are here to worship, Brother.” He cast a particularly curious gaze at Teo while awaiting a reply.  
     Teo tugged his cowl down further, pausing to consider an explanation before turning to respond. 
     “You are a brother, aren't you?” quizzed the bishop impatiently.
     “Yes” answered Teo, “I am a man of the cloth ... and of the road, which is my parish.” 
      “A missionary then ... and a collector of cats and castoffs it seems,” remarked the bishop, who was then attracted by the mewing coming from the cat box which Megan had slid into a dark corner. “I've warned you once, child, a house of worship is no place for animals.” 
      Megan looked to Teo for help. But he could hardly gainsay the bishop. Besides, his hands were full trying to conceal the calico. 
      As Megan glumly prepared to trudge out with her box, the bishop found her a thick woolen blanket. “They'll be warmer in this,” he said, with unexpected compassion.